Pay by Credit or Debit Card or Provider/Entity Account

All Department of Human Services (DHS) background study subjects must have a background study request initiated by an agency, program, or entity authorized to submit background studies using NETStudy 2.0. The agency, program, or entity will provide the Fingerprint and Photo Authorization form to the background study subject.

To verify that the background study was initiated in NETStudy 2.0 and pay for the fingerprint and photo service, enter the background study subject's information below. If you cannot locate the background study, please contact the Department of Human Services (DHS), Background Studies NETStudy 2.0 Support Team at (651) 431-6625.

After completing payment, the background study subject may go to any Gemalto Cogent fingerprint and photo location. The background study subject must bring his or her unique Fingerprint and Photo Authorization form and his or her driver's license, government-issued ID, or other acceptable identification to the fingerprint and photo location.
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It is the applicant's responsibility to verify that the registration information on the fingerprint authorization form is correct prior to being fingerprinted.